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Provide up to 2 weeks 5 cm and from 3 weeks to finish 10 cm linear feeder space per bird. Raise the level of the feeder as the birds grow. Do not fill the feeder more than half. If tube feeders are used, provide 3 nos. of 12 kg capacity feeders per 100 chicks.

Composition of broiler ration

Ingredient Percentage inclusion
Starter (0-5 weeks) Finisher (6-7 weeks)
Yellow Maize 47.00 54.50
Rice polish 8.00 10.00
Soyabean meal 17.50 14.00
Groundnut cake (expeller) 15.00 11.00
Unsalted dried fish 10.00  8.00
Mineral mixture 2.00 2.00
Salt 0.50 0.50
  100.00 100.00
For 100 kg of feed add:    
Vitamin A 6,00,000 IU 6,00,000 IU
Vitamin B2 600 mg 600 mg
Vitamin D3 60,000 ICU 60,000 ICU
Coccidiostat 50 g 50 g
Lysine 50 g 50 g
(Source: Kerala Agricultural University)

Alternatively commercial broiler starter and finisher rations prepared by reputed feed manufacturers can be given.

  • Provide for 100 chicks of 0-2 weeks - 2 x 2 litres capacity waterers.
  • 3 weeks to finish - 2 x 5 litres capacity waterers.
  • Ensure clean fresh water always.
  • Exercise extreme care and attention during the brooding period. If the losses in the first few days exceed 2%, carefully check the brooding management and get the postmortem examination done.
  • Reduce brooder temperature every week by 3oC. When the brooder is removed provide one 40-watt bulb for every 250 broilers during night.
  • To ascertain approximate quantity of feed and water that 100 broilers consume per day, the following formula given will be useful.
    • Kg feed per 100 birds - Age in days/4.4
    • Litres of water per 100 birds - Age in days/2.0
  • The above formula will give approximate figures under average conditions. Depending on the season of the year, there is likely to be variations in the range of 5-10%.


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