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Grow-out Farming systems

Most suited farming system for lobsters is the indoor grow-out system as it is more convenient for management. The indoor grow-out system consist of a series of circular and square or rectangular cement tanks and has several advantage, as the different units will be easily accessible for feeding cleaning and maintenance. The farming system can either be flow through model or a semi-closed recirculation system incorporating biological filters. If flow through systems is used, continuous monitoring of water quality has to be carried out.

Water quality management

The optimal environmental requirements for lobster farming are temperature (26-33oC), salinity (25-35 ppt), pH (6.8-8.5) and dissolved oxygen (>3.5 ppm). In recirculation system, ammonia (<0.1 ppm) and nitrate (<0.1 ppm) levels have to be closely followed.

Farm management

For lobster farming and fattening, stocking is a continuous process. Different sizes have to be separated and after conditioning, can be stocked in separate tanks. The optimum stocking density in indoor grow-out system would be 10-15 lobsters/m2 for farming and 5 numbers/m2 for fattening. Shelters have to be provided for faster growth. Molluscan meat is the most preferred diet of lobsters. However, this could be supplemented with trash fish and squid head. Lobsters prefer moist feeds with good water stability


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