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Disease Management

Disease is not a serious problem in lobster farming, however, sudden fluctuation in environmental condition may cause a condition called Moult Death Syndrome (MDS). The affected lobster die soon after moulting or within a few days. Nutritional deficiency also is likely to affect the normal moulting and growth of lobsters. Protozoan infestation is also not uncommon and it can be controlled by treatment with 30 ppm formalin for a consecutive three days. Bacterial infection normally occurs through injuries and this can be effectively controlled by oxytetracycline or furazolidone treatment. Good sanitation in the farming system and maintenance of proper water management as essential preprequisites for successful lobster farming.

Periodical cleaning of the cages should be done to remove any adhering organisms. The lobsters should be monitored regularly to check for the presence of any attachment of algae. If any algal growth is observed on the shell, it should be removed by scrubbing gently with a toothbrush. Frame of the cage should be periodically checked for corrosion and the joints should be inspected and cleaned regularly.

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