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Arun: High yielding variety released from the Kerala Agricultural University, leaves are deep red in colour. Average yield is 20 t/ha.

Kannara Local: High yielding season bound variety, which comes to flowering in November-December. Leaves are deep red in colour.



Mohini: High yielding variety released from the Kerala Agricultural University. Leaves are green in colour.

Co 1, Co 2 & Co 3: High yielding varieties released from the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University , leaves are green in colour and are tolerant to leaf spot disease.


Choosing a variety

Of all the indigenous tropical leafy vegetables, ama­ranth has the largest number of species and vari­eties. The choice of variety varies widely among regions and is dictated largely by the species avail­able. Regardless of species, the choice of variety is influenced by individual preference for leaf colour and taste. Also, avoid sowing or planting of red leaved varieties during periods of heavy rain, as they are more susceptible to leaf spot disease.

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