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Depending on variety and plant type, amaranths can be harvested 20-45 days after planting or sowing when attained a height of 25-30 cm. From one hectare of amaranth crop, approximately 25 tonnes leaves can be harvested. Plants may be harvested once or sev­eral times. Once-over harvesting is adapted for short maturing and quick growing varieties such as A. tricolor. Whole plants are pulled from soil with roots, washed and tied in bundles. With multiple harvests, young leaves and tender shoots are picked at 2-3 week intervals. Eventu­ally, the plants begin to flower and develop fewer leaves. Frequent harvesting of leaves and shoots delays the onset of flowering and thus prolongs the harvest period. Amaranth and other leafy vegetables have large surface to volume ratio and lose water rapidly. To reduce water loss, harvest during the cooler time of day, such as early morning or late afternoon.

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