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Age at puberty : 30-36 months
Body weight at puberty : 300-340 kg (for heavy breeds)
Age at first calving : 40-50 months
Oestrous cycle : 18-24 days
Duration of heat  : 18-24 hours
Ovulation : About 10 hours after the end of heat
Gestation period : 310-315 days
Post-partum heat : 90-120 days after calving
Calving interval : 15-18 months

Signs of heat

Many buffaloes show weak signs of heat and hence careful monitoring is necessary. Bellowing is the general sign. Urination is frequent and small in quantity. Mucus is watery at the beginning, which becomes ropy in the second half of heat. Turgidity of uterus is very prominent. Milk yield is reduced. Insemination is done 14-20 hours from the onset of heat.

Draught cattle and buffaloes

Selection of a draught animal should be based on the following:

1. Strength and stamina
2. Sustained speed over a period of work
3. Medium size
4. Heat tolerance
5. Proper conformation, placement of legs and style of walking
6. Temperament for work
7. Ability to survive in the prevailing environment – no loss of weight during the working season
8. Feed efficiency
9. Disease resistance

Washing and grooming

Bullocks used for regular work should be washed and groomed daily. The best time to give a bath is the after noon hours when the atmospheric temperature is high. If they are given water after the work, it is necessary to give a rest of at least 15 minutes before starting the bath. Special care may be taken to see that mud is not caked in between the hooves or the shoe and hoof.

Regular grooming with a brush is essential to control parasites like ticks and mites as well as to stimulate circulation of the skin.


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