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Crop Management


Supports and shade

Vanilla being a climbing orchid needs some support to grow. It also requires about 50% shade. The support trees can also be used for providing shade. Low branching trees with rough bark and small leaves are preferred as support trees. Some commonly used support trees are Glyricidia, Plumeria, Casuarina, Mulberry and Erythrina lithosperma.

The cuttings for support trees should be planted at least six months prior to planting of vanilla. Cuttings of 1.5 - 2 m length with 4 - 5 cm diameter are to be used. They should be planted in the corner of the pits. The size of the pits should be 40x40x40 cm and the spacing of 2 m between rows and 1.5 m within a row should be maintained. The pits are to be filled with fertile soil before planting the supports.


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