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Agriculture > Pulses > Horse gram (Macrotyloma uniflorum)

Climate & Soil

Horse gram can be grown in paddy nurseries after transplantation of the second crop and in palliyal lands after harvest of first crop and uplands during rabi season. Ideal season is September-October.


Co-1 and Pattambi Local, AK-21. AK-42 (photo insensitive varieties)

Seed rate and sowing

Seed rate - 25-30kg/ha

Thiourea application on horse gram

Soaking of horse gram in 500ppm thiourea before sowing followed by two foliar sprays of thiourea (500ppm) one at vegetative and one at flowering stage should be done to obtain higher grain yield of horse gram.

Thiourea 500 ppm solution can be prepared by mixing 500 mg thiourea in one litre of water. Thiourea seed soaking should be done for 4-5 hrs followed by drying in shade and sowing should be done in the night (not in day time). Spraying should be done either during morning or evening time only.


After land preparation, sow the seeds either dibbled in rows 25 cm apart or by broadcast.

Intercultural operations


1. Lime - 500 kg/ha
2. P2O5 - 25 kg/ha


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