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Crop Management



  • West Coast Tall (WCT)
  • Lakshadweep Ordinary (Chandrakalpa)
  • Philippines Ordinary (Kerachandra)
  • Andaman Ordinary
  • Java
  • Cochin China
  • Kappadam
  • Komadan
  • Karasagara
  • Kalparaksha
  • Kalpadhenu
  • Kalpaprathibha
  • Kalpamithra
Lakshadweep Ordinary (Chandrakalpa)
Philippines Ordinary (Kerachandra)
West Coast Tall
Andaman Ordinary
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  • Lakshaganga (Lakshadweep Ordinary x Gangabondam)
  • Anandaganga (Andaman Ordinary x Gangabondam)
  • Keraganga (West Coast Tall x Gangabondam)
  • Kerasankara (West Coast Tall x Chowghat Orange Dwarf)
  • Chandrasankara (Chowghat Orange Dwarf x West Coast Tall)
  • Kerasree (West Coast Tall x Malayan Yellow Dwarf)
  • Kerasoubaghya (WCT x SSA)
  • Chowghat Green Dwarf x West Coast Tall
  • Chandralaksha (Lakshadweep Ordinary x Chowghat OrangeDwarf)

Keramudhra: A superior coconut suitable for tender nut and copra, with more quantity of nut water (287 ml) with excellent quality. Yield -119 nuts/palm; copra yield -196 g/nut.

Tender nut variety: Chowghat Orange Dwarf


  1. Hybrids Anandaganga, Keraganga and Kerasankara are recommended for general cultivation both under rainfed and irrigated conditions.
  2. Other hybrids especially Chandrasankara are recommended for ideal situations and where good management practices are adopted.
  3. Since the performance of Chandrasankara is markedly superior to that of WCT in root (wilt) affected areas, cultivation of Chandrasankara and Kalparaksha are preferred in such areas.
  4. Chandralaksha, Lakshaganga, Chandrakalpa and Kalpadhenu are recommended for cultivation under drought prone areas.
  5. Kalparaksha is recommended for tender coconut. Kalpaprathibha is a dual purpose variety (copra and tender coconut).
  6. Kalpamithra is recommended for rainfed conditions.

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