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Management of ducklings

Ducklings may be reared in intensive, semi-intensive or range system. Under intensive system, allow a floor space of 2790 cm2 in deep litter and 900 cm2 in cages, up to 16 weeks of age. Under semi-intensive system, a floor space 1395 cm2 per bird is allowed in night shelter and 929 to 1395 cm2 as outside run area per bird up to the age of 16 weeks. The temperature under the hover should be 30oC for the first few days. The temperature can be reduced by about 3oC for every 2-3 days. During summer, provision of heat for brooding can be stopped when the ducklings are 8-10 days of age whereas during rainy and cold season it may have to be continued for a longer period (2-3 weeks).

Ducklings can be brooded using battery brooders as well. Though multi-tier battery brooders can be used single tier battery brooders are easier to manage.

Ducklings can be fed with a mash containing 20% protein and 2750 kcal/kg ME up to 3 weeks of age and a mash containing 18% protein and 2750 kcal/kg of ME from 4 th to 8 th week of age. The feed or feed ingredients should be free of mould/fungal growth and aflatoxin.

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